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Friday, March 10, 2006

PCgeekdom Toolkit


My old USB jumpdrive finally fizzled out on me. It had gotten a lot of use and had been beaten up pretty bad. I found that TigerDirect has the 1GB Lexar Sport Jumpdrive for only $36.99 (limited-time sale.) This jump drive is designed for rugged use, and I hope will last a long time. In preparation for my new jumpdrive, I have been updating and gathering the essential parts of my PC repair toolkit for fixing most spyware and anti-virus related problems. Below is a list and description of the files in the PCgeekdom toolkit, which you can download in one handy zip file.

  • AdAware SE : A thorough spyware/adware remover.
  • AVG FREE Anti-Virus : A great antivirus software all users should use.
  • CWShredder: Tool to remove Cool Web Search variants.
  • FxSasser: Symantecs Sasser virus fix.
  • HijackThis: Great for removing browser plugins and toolbars, and more advanced settings.
  • LSPFix: Repair Internet files from Newdotnet.
  • MSconfig: A Windows utility to control startup items, not included with win.
  • SpyBot Search and Destroy: Another spyware/adware remover.
  • Winsock XP Fix: Easy to use tool to restore Internet access, fixes the "An operation was attempted on something that was not a socket" message.
  • W2Fix: Similar to WinsockXP Fix but for pre-NT windows, (Great for Dial-up networking problems.)


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