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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Firefox - The Open Source Browsing Alternative


FirefoxMozilla's Firefox is a versatile secure alternative to Internet Explorer. One of the biggest advantages is tabbed browsing. With tabbed browsing organizing and navigating multiple websites is greatly improved. A useful function of this is the ability to create a folder with related links, then all you have to do is right-click on the folder and choose Open in tabs and all your links are loaded in the same window. IE7 will also support tab browsing, but from what I have seen of it so far, like most Microsoft products it is a bloated memory hog.
The great part of Firefox being open source is it allows the programming community to create new extensions. These extensions can range from extremely useful to just plain amusing. For a good write up on some Firefox extensions check out a Download.com article. For a more complete list of extensions look here. There are some websites that just don't work well or even at all without Internet Explorer, IE Tab is a very cool extension that allows you to open the webpage within IE as a tab in Firefox, so now you can even do your Windows Updates within Firefox!

To download Mozilla Firefox, click on the button below.


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