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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Laptop LCD Backlight


A Gateway 400 Notebook came my way with what I assume is a burnt out back light. You can see that the LCD is creating the picture, but without the light behind it, it is near impossible to see anything.

I figured that surely this coulnt be too bad to fix. I decided to check the documentation that came with the laptop and Gateways website, and not so suprisingly found no help other then the usual, "You will need to send the computer in to Gateway to be serviced".

I then decided to go my usual route and googled it. I was kind of suprised and a little worried by how little information I found. Most things I did find basically said it was a lot of tricky work, along with some warnings, a lot of people just ended up tossing the display anyway. That sure does build my confidence! Never the less, I decided to tear apart the laptop and check out the display to at least see what I am dealing with. I found the LCD's part # CLAA150XH01 when I googled that I was able to find a more hopeful answer at LCDpart.com. The replacement bulb was less then $10 so I decided to order one. Hopefully I will recieve the bulb in the next few days, I will then post my progress, hopefully it will be good news!


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