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Monday, February 13, 2006

My Setup - Using Synergy


I am currently operating two PCs, an Inspiron 6000 laptop from Dell running Windows XP, and a PC I built myself running Linux (SuSE 10.0 distribution.)
I ordered the parts for my desktop from TigerDirect.com I don't do a lot of gaming or anything so I went more for cost effective parts then high end.
I decided to install Linux as a fun project and to make myself learn something new. The installation itself was fairly easy, I did an FTP install, so it took several hours to download and install. The distro uses YAST, which makes the initial setup very easy.
If you are looking for information, or are thinking about switching to Linux check out Linux 101 on About.com
As the picture to the left shows I have my LCD screen for my Linux machine above my laptop. For simplicity I wanted a way to be able to use my keyboard and mouse hooked up to my laptop to also control my desktop. I came across a very cool open-source application that made this possible. It is called Synergy, it allows for one keyboard and mouse to be shared by multiple machines and operating systems. It also allows for a shared clipboard which is extremely useful. If you have multiple machines side by side Synergy is a must have.


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