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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Windows Vista...


Windows has started handing out product keys for an evaluation copy of Windows Vista. Click here to sign up for one (requires MS Passport/Windows live account.) I signed up and downloaded the Vista ISO. Since I don't have an extra machine laying around to throw on a beta OS I decided to try it in my VMware Server, installation went pretty smoothly.
I haven't had a chance to dive too deep into the new MS beast but what I first noticed is how much it is becoming to look like a lot of many other operating systems. They now have a "sidebar" that you can fill with "gadgets" And instead of the good old Start button it is now a Windows circle thing.
I will admit my first concern is how MS has decided to not include a shortcut to the Run dialog on the Start menu by default. My reason for concern is because I have to provide tech-support over the phone and this will create yet one more battle...
Overall it is pretty interesting, since I get to play with it for free right now I can't complain. I'm sure I am "missing out" on a lot of the new 3d rendering goodness, since I am running it via VMware. They use a system called Windows Experience Index to decide how much "fluff" to add. Since I am just running it via VMware Server I got a base score of 1. Someday I may have to load Vista on a machine that can use its full power until then, I will continue to play with it virtually.


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