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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Featured Freeware: Notepad ++ - Programming Tool


A great piece of (Windows only) freeware that got passed my way is Notepad ++ If you do any kind of programming, this is a great simple editor that supports lots of languages. I was pretty impressed when I saw it had formatting support for VHDL. To see a screen shot of an example 7 Segment Display VHDL file I wrote in Notepad++ look here. Notepad++ supports over 35 different languages, some of those include PHP, ASP, VB, HTML, Python, PERL, FORTRAN, and the list goes on and on... It also supports Java, if you are doing a lot of Java development, I would recommend an Open Source environment called Eclipse. It checks for errors on the fly and makes compiling and finding problems a breeze. Eclipse makes dealing with the extremely picky Java language bearable.


  • Hey Dustino... I use this too. Great app. It is also portable, so you can just carry it on your USB drive.


    By Blogger Jim, at 9:09 PM  

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